Requirements Mutiple selection

Extra Ice

Less Ice

Half Ice

Little Ice

No Ice

Less Sugar

Half Sugar

Little Sugar

No Sugar

Half Pearls

Half Chesse

Half Topping


Takeaway Bag$0.1


No Pearls

Extra Topping Mutiple selection


Cake sauce$0.6

Case Sause Double$1.2


Pearls Double$1.2


Cheese Double$2.4

red beans$0.6

Red Beans Double$1.2


Aloe Double$1.2


Agar Double$1.2

Takeaway bag 0.1$0.1

brown sugar pearls$0.8

brown sugar Double$1.6


doble taro$2

Coffee Jelly$0.8

Coffee Jelly Double$1.6

Taro Ball$1



size upgrade$1

Cheese Osmanthus
Cheese Dongding
Cheese Earl Grey Tea
Cheese jinFeng Oolong Tea
Cheese Mountain Green
Cheese Four Season Tea
Cheese Rose Oolong Tea
jinFeng Oolong Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Dongding Oolong Tea
SiJi Chun Tea
Osmanthus Oolong Tea
Rose Oolong Tea
Mountain Green Tea
jinFeng Coffee Jelly Tea
Oreo Milk Tea
Red Bean Milk Tea
Bubble Milk Tea
Taro Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk Tea
Cheese Milk Tea
Creme Brulee Milk Tea
FourSeason Milk Tea
Green Milk Tea
JinFeng Milk Tea Large
FourSeason Milk Tea Large
Green Milk Tea Large
JinFeng Milk Tea
Grape Fruit Yacult
Premium fruit green tea
Fresh Lemon Four Season
Fresh Lemon Green Tea
Fresh pineapple tea
Lemon Yakult
Passion Fruit Yakult
Fresh Orange
Mango Yakult
Fresh GrapeFruit
Class Lemon Ice Tea
Grapefruit Frappe
Orange Frappe
Fresh Watermelon Tea
Cheese Waterlemon Tea
Fresh Grape Tea
Cheese Fresh Grape Tea
Fresh lychee
Cheese lychee
Fresh Kiwi Fruit
Cheese Kiwi Fruit
Cheese Berry Tea
Fresh Strawberry Tea
Fresh Berry Tea
Cheese Strawberry Tea
Cheese Avocado Tea
Fresh Avocado Tea
Fresh Mango Tea
Cheese Mango
Cheese Peach&Strawberry
Fresh Peach&Strawberry
Fresh dragon fruit
Cheese Red Dragon Fruit
Fresh Mango with PoMelo
Brown Sugar Milk
Mango dirty milk
Strawberry dirty milk
Fresh Taro milk
Brown Sugar Coffee Jelly
Black Sesame Fresh Milk with
Taro Soy Bean Pudding
Red Soy Bean Pudding